Found only in the Himalayas and worth more than gold per gram, Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as “Himalayan Viagra” is the world’s most valuable fungi. For centuries, this rare and precious ingredient has been a critical component of traditional Chinese medicine, with historical texts dating back over two thousand years touting its efficacy. 

Harvested from the Himalayan plateau at altitudes over 4000m, Cordyceps Sinensis is a therapeutic bio-factory renowned for its ability to energise the body and enhance longevity. Cordyceps Sinensis contains Cordycepin, which helps increase “ATP”, your bodies natural energy production. Scientific studies have shown that it can improve the function of the immune system, treat respiratory diseases, and enhance sexual function. 

For locals of the Himalayan plateau, Cordyceps Sinensis is a vital source of energy at high altitudes where physical activity can be exhausting. And for elite athletes, the POTENT: Cordyceps Sinensis Elixir is an unrivalled supplement that provides energy for the use and repair of muscles, giving them the power to perform at their best. 

So whether you're an athlete looking for an edge or simply seeking to improve your overall well-being, POTENT: Cordyceps Sinensis Elixir is the perfect choice. Experience the power of this exceptional fungi and unlock your body’s energy potential. 

Key Cordyceps Sinensis benefits may include
-   Enhance immune function by increasing immune cell production 
-   Improve the efficacy of vaccines Anti-asthmatic 
-   Reduce risk of heart disease 
-   Reduce risk of stroke 
-   Improve blood flow 
-   Improve sexual function in both men and women 
-   Improve endurance 
-   May improve cognitive function