As mushroom lovers, we’ve spent years trekking through the mountains and jungles of Myanmar and Southeast Asia in search of rare and exciting mushroom species.  

Our firsthand experience with the revitalizing powers of wild medicinal mushrooms inspired us to bring the quality and value of our pristine wilderness straight to your doorstep.   

POTENT was created to provide functional mushroom extracts to the world, which can maintain or improve people's health. We believe that mushrooms are an essential way to assist the body and mind on their journey to keeping you balanced, energized, and healthy We view mushrooms as an essential way to assist the body and mind in it’s journey to keep you balanced, energised, and healthy. 

Our functional mushrooms are adaptogenic, which means they can help regulate the body’s stress. With POTENT: you can expect to experience improved energy levels, lifted mood, boosted concentration, and reduced brain fog & fatigue. 

Our mushrooms are organically grown at pharmaceutical grade farms in Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Thailand or selected from the pristine Himalayas in Myanmar. Our mushrooms are extracted and processed at our facilities in Europe and the USA using state-of-the-art techniques that provide you with the most potent, concentrated doses.  

We hope that POTENT: extracts provide you with a new appreciation of your body and mind.