The Next Big Thing in Coffee Shops: FOCUS Lions Mane Syrup

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POTENT: FOCUS the powerful adaptogenic mushroom coffee syrup. 

As a coffee shop owner, your quest for unique offerings that will captivate your customers never ends. Every detail matters in creating a memorable experience that captivates and retains customers. Among the wide range of options to enhance your beverages, the FOCUS Lions Mane Syrup stands out as the perfect companion. 

The Power of Lion’s Mane: Historically, Lion’s Mane has been used in traditional medicine for its potent cognitive-boosting benefits. Today, it is used in a variety of different supplements and  mushroom coffees.  Lion’s Mane’s soaring popularity can be attributed to a growing body of scientific evidence confirming its capacity to support brain health, enhance memory, and stimulate creativity. This makes FOCUS a perfect addition to your morning coffee or afternoon tea, providing a tangible cognitive enhancement throughout the day.

Flexible and Complementary: FOCUS was crafted with flexibility in mind. This syrup allows you to seamlessly incorporate Lion’s Mane into literally any drink. The result? A non-compromising taste experience, often even enhancing the original flavor. Each sip is smooth, rounded, and tuned to complement the delicate notes of your finest teas and coffees. This adaptability extends to sweet treats as well - consider it as a topping on crepes, pancakes or desserts, creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience for your customers.

Double the Power: Each serving of FOCUS Lions Mane Syrup is packed with twice the amount of Lion's Mane mushroom as compared to most mushroom coffees from leading brands. This ensures that your customers will reap the full benefits of this powerful superfood, including enhanced cognitive function and boosted focus.

High Margins: Priced with both the business owner and the customer in mind, each serving of FOCUS Lions Mane Syrup can provide a 50% margin per serving for your coffee shop, making it a profitable addition to your beverage menu that requires no training. 

Sugar-Free, but Flavorful: Despite being sugar-free, FOCUS Lions Mane Syrup brings a subtly sweet and earthy flavor to beverages. Being sugar-free also amplifies the health benefits, catering to the increasing number of health-conscious consumers who are reducing sugar in their diets without compromising on taste. 

Easy to Incorporate: The syrup seamlessly integrates into your existing beverage line-up. No need for additional equipment or complex preparation - just a splash of this superfood-infused syrup transforms your offerings. At a tiny 3ml per serving, you can feel confident that the taste profile of your customer’s beverage remains as good as ever

Ethically sourced: The syrup is made from sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring your coffee shop aligns with consumers' growing interest in ethical and environmentally conscious food and drink choices.

By including FOCUS Lions Mane Syrup in your coffee shop you are providing a potent, palatable, and practical way to  upgrade your customer’s health and concentration. Embrace this game-changer in the beverage industry and join us in connecting through values of health, wholeness and sustainability.


Brain fog be gone! I tried two weeks off Lion’s Mane, I’m never going to go without it again!  I usually have the post lunchtime crash, and with this I never have it. Increase focus for longer periods. Things are just CLEAR!
Eena Acuna. Digital Marketing Executive

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